Best of REA: April 2023

If you don’t read anything else this month, just scroll down for the the link to get your RECON Remote 23 tickets, and to check out the 2023 Golden Lock Award winners.

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RECON Remote Tickets – On Sale Now

We are excited to announce that tickets are now available for this summerโ€™s RECON event: RECON Remote 23. There are 4 ticket options available, starting as low as $0. Get your ticket today and attend from anywhere in the world!

Announcing the 2023 Golden Lock Award Winners

๐Ÿ”’ Our annual Golden Lock Award highlights our favorite escape rooms from the last year. This year the Room Escape Artist team recognized winners in 3 categories: event, tabletop, and real-life escape rooms.


Escape Rooms

Heresy: 1897 & Madness: 1917, Doors of Divergence (Brooklyn, NY) – At Doors of Divergence, our decisions changed the narrative, and the decisions we made in Heresy: 1897 impacted Madness: 1917. We strongly recommend playing these games back to back, in that order. (Reviews by Andrew Reynolds & David Spira)

Servants of Sleight & Pins & Needles Tattoo Parlor, Exit Games FL (Clearwater, FL) – These were the most hyped company we visited this year, and both games lived up to the hype. The scene transitions, in particular, were stellar. (Reviews by Lisa Spira & David Spira)


Order of the Golden Scribe, Patchwork Adventures – Order of the Golden Scribe blended escape game with immersive theater, set over tea time. It ran in NYC in Feb 2023 and returns May-June 2023. Tickets for the spring run are on sale now. (Review by Lisa Spira)


The Shivers, Pop Fiction Games (tabletop escape game) – This is a pop-up tabletop escape room roleplaying game with fun characters and high quality components. (Review by Andrew Reynolds)


REPOD is now available on YouTube.

Groundbreaking Immersive with Nick Moran, Co-Creator of Phantom Peak – We kicked off Season 5 by interviewing the talented Nick Moran about his new project Phantom Peak, and his long awaited Kickstarter Spectre & Vox.

New Recommendation Guides


Tips for Playing Escape Rooms in Japan as a Foreigner Here are our tips for playing escape rooms in Japan as an English-speaking tourist. There are incredible escape rooms available to you! (By Ryan Brady)

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