Watch our talk from Up The Game!

Last May, we spoke at Up The Game, the escape room conference in The Netherlands.

We are honored to have been invited to speak at this conference. We had an incredible time.

Lisa and David on stage speaking to a full house in the chapel on the prison dome.

Watch our talk

Up the Game is now releasing recordings of the talks from the conference. Here is our talk on The Player Experience:

Spoiler warning: We do give a couple of spoilers for games during the talk. One is for a well-spoiled moment in a famous game. The other is in a little-known one.

In each of the following vignettes, we tell a story about something that happened to us in an escape room.

Here are timestamps for the talk’s segments, as well as links to other posts on the same subject.

Silly correction from the video – Anaheim is South of Los Angeles.

We have more stories!

If you’d like to hear more, David will be giving an updated version of this talk at WroEscape, the escape room conference in Wrocław, Poland from October 27-29th. Find him there!

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