2020 Escape Game Wishlist

At the beginning of last year I wrote a lengthy aspirational list of games that we hoped to play in 2019. At the request of one of our Patreon supporters, I’m going to take a look back at that list, see what kind of dent we put into it, and add new games that are on our radar.

The genie lamp from Aladdin high up on a pedistal.

How’d We Do in 2019?

Of the 11 new games from companies that we’ve visited in the past, we visited 3:

We were supposed to play 13th Gate’s Asylum… but a hurricane thwarted our plans. Sigh.

Of the 14 unfamiliar companies on the list, we visited 4:

At two of these companies, we played Golden Lock Award-winning games!

In all cases, we played all of the most highly recommended games at the companies… no regrets!

Of the 4 new countries that we were hoping to visit in 2019… we visited exactly zero of them.

2020 Wishlist

I’m going to use the same breakdown as last year, and include all of the games and places that we didn’t visit. New 2020 additions will appear in bold.

New Games, Familiar Companies

Unfamiliar Companies

  • Bewilder Box – Brighton, UK
  • Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space – Urbana, IL
  • Clue IQ – Frederick, MD
  • Crime Runners – Vienna, Austria
  • Cyber Racoon – Falls Church, VA (how great is that name?)
  • Edge of Escape – Zion, IL
  • Enter The Imaginarium – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Enter/Locked – Jackson, MS
  • Escape Room Herndon – Herndon, VA
  • Immersia – Montreal, Canada
  • Locked In Edinburgh – Edinburgh, UK
  • Maine Escape Games – Portland, ME
  • MindTrap Escape Rooms – Murrieta, CA
  • Myss Tic Rooms – New York, NY (if they are able to reopen)
  • Mystery Mansion Escape – Little Rock, AR
  • Nick of Time Escapes – Swain, NY
  • Olde City Escape Games – Philadelphia, PA
  • Paradox Project – Athens, Greece
  • Pier Pressure – Brighton, UK
  • Ravenchase Adventures – Richmond, VA
  • The Chamber – Prague, Czech Republic
  • The Sanctuary – Oklahoma City, OK
  • Xscapes – Binghamton, NY (to play their licensed Twilight Zone room)

New Travel Destinations

  • Athens, Greece
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Beijing & Shanghai, China
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Paris, France
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

Recommendations Welcome

If you have additional recommendations that should be on this list, please add them in the comments! (Please note if you’re recommending your own game.)


  1. If you visit Edge of Escape in Zion, IL make sure you check out 60 to Escape in Gurnee, IL

    1. Good to know. Much as I want to, I don’t think that we’ll make it to Illinois this year.

    1. Yeah, that should have been on the list originally. Good call.

  2. Come play in Hawaii – at Kauai Escape Room – It’s my game 🙂

  3. The Final Door-Columbia, SC.
    Escape The Netherworld-Stone MTN, GA for the new game.
    Key to Escape-Statesville, NC, The Valcarol Missions-Concord, NC, Exit Strategy North and The Box-Charlotte, NC.
    Speedway Escapes-Harrisburg, NC good games for newbies

    These are good places to visit that are driving distance if you make it Greenville, SC.

    I would say Gnome & Raven if you make it back to Richmond, VA

  4. We have 2 original rooms (as well as three 10 minute rooms) that I would love for your guys to test out, Funhaven in Ottawa.

    I’ve also designed and sold a few 100 player games but depending where you are from there may not be games available.


    1. We’d love to get up to Ottawa this year as well. Thanks for the note! If we can make it to you, we’ll be in touch.

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