Last Minute Christmas Shopping: The Best Remote Escape Rooms

We’re making Christmas shopping easy this holiday. With a remote escape room, you can buy it and play it from the comfort of home. No shipping required.

Earlier this year, we launched a new page: Remote Escape Room Recommendations Guides. These guides now have a permanent home on REA under “Find a Room” in the top navigation.

Jingle the exuberant elf gamemaster.
Improbable Escape’s The Hot Chocolate Incident

Remote Recommendation Guides

This week we’ve updated many of our remote (play online) recommendations guides:

You can look forward to more recommendations guides on this page in the coming months.

Video Games

For video game recommendations, check out this collection from REA’s video game correspondent Steve Ewing. These games will take you into a different reality for a little while.

Holiday Games

For those of you seeking a bit of holiday cheer, we highly recommend the following online games:

There are many other online holiday escape games out there, and while we cannot play them all, we plan to play and review a few more in the coming weeks. We’re happy to extend our holiday season a little bit longer this year.

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